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We know it’s frustrating when search visibility and organic player growth don’t improve. Do these situations sound familiar?

  • We’ve tried SEO for years, but it hasn’t really worked.
  • Long-term SEO growth has been difficult.
  • We’ve faced penalties and aren’t sure how to fix them.

iGaming SEO Services

We provide clear, practical advice tailored to your objectives. Our focus is on long-term growth strategies, but we’ll also support your short-term goals. We collaborate with state and country gaming regulations to guarantee your website remains accessible to users.

Our iGaming SEO expertise has enabled iGaming businesses to boost organic visibility and acquire real money players sustainably, rejuvenate stagnant organic traffic/player revenue, and enhance organic exposure for consumer brands and white label partners.

iGaming SEO Services
What sets our iGaming SEO agency apart?
We exclusively collaborate with businesses when we are entirely confident in delivering results for them.
Arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discover if our iGamingSEO agency can achieve the outcomes you desire.

Who We Are

Interested in collaborating with the team that secured Google’s #1 ranking position for iGaming keywords?

Who We Are

Our team has played a crucial role in enhancing organic visibility for numerous prominent iGaming brands. We prioritize transparency from the start, crafting long-term strategies while addressing short-term objectives. No empty promises or confusing jargon—just a well-defined path and consistent, open communication. We’re capable of engaging with all levels of your business if necessary.

We are backed by developers, UX/UI analytics, and paid media professionals. Our adaptable team environment enables us to choose the most suitable expertise for the task at hand.


iGaming Brand in Africa
+ 2500 FTDs increase
The problems:

For branded keywords in the first Google results page, six sites were imitating the product. Four sites directed players to other brands, while two sites sent players to the brand through Revshare. To retain players and prevent them from switching to competitors’ sites, the brand had to spend $50,000 on purchasing its own traffic. Furthermore, the brand was losing approximately 2,500 FTDs per month.


Comprehensive and coordinated Brand Protection


After three months, the brand regained control over 80% of the searches, saving around $50,000 per month from self-arbitrage. In addition, there was a monthly increase of about 2,500 FTDs, which continued to grow in tandem with the brand’s popularity.

iGaming Brand in Africa
iGaming Brand in South Asia
+ 7 000 FTDs increase
The problems:

Based on brand keywords, Google results looked awful, there were 10 sites imitating the product. Four of these sites were complete replicas of our product with registration and the ability to place full bets, while five affiliate sites redirected players to our competitors. Additionally, one partner site-directed players to our product. The estimated loss was around 7,000 FTDs, with a traffic buyback cost of approximately $250,000.


Monitoring, cleaning up Search Engine Result Pages, and creating Brand Protection sites.


After three months, all fraudulent products were removed from the search results and the internet, rendering them unavailable. Three affiliate sites switched traffic to the brand for a 10% RevShare, and we reduced the RevShare for all affiliates to 10%. Additionally, three spots were occupied by our Brand Protection websites.

iGaming Brand in South Asia
iGaming Brand with Global Coverage
+ $ 2 000 000 revenue
The problems:

Based on branded keywords, we discovered that the product was losing players from various GEOs due to regional blocking. The issue was exacerbated by fraudulent products dominating a significant portion of the market and some affiliates directing traffic to competitor brands. With a total brand keywords search volume of around 800,000 users per month, we estimate the brand’s monthly loss to be approximately $2,000,000.


We implemented several measures to safeguard our brand, including monitoring and taking SEO / Legal actions against fraudulent websites, creating mirrors for regions where the product was banned, and establishing and promoting Brand Protection sites to enhance search results.


After four months, all fraudulent products were removed from search results and the internet. In regions where the product was banned, we successfully rotated mirrors, and now have about three sites in the TOP10 search results. Out of the top 10 search results, seven are Brand Protection sites that we created as part of our strategy.

iGaming Brand with Global Coverage

Tony "Ace" Anderson - IGaming Head of SEO

Tony began his career in the digital marketing sector over 15 years ago. A chance involvement with a gaming start-up sparked his interest in the iGaming industry, leading him to specialize in this field.

Over the years, Tony has worked with a multitude of gaming companies, ranging from ambitious start-ups to established industry giants. This diversity of experience has equipped him with an extensive understanding of the SEO challenges and opportunities within the gaming world.

He understands the unique challenges of optimizing gaming websites and is well-versed in the latest SEO trends, techniques, and algorithms. Tony excels at both on-page and off-page SEO and can design customized strategies that boost your gaming site’s visibility.

Cynthia "Chip" Chambers - Casino SEO Consultant

Cynthia is a proven expert in casino SEO, with a track record of helping casino websites achieve and maintain top rankings on search engine result pages. She knows how to target high-value keywords, create engaging content, and build quality backlinks in the highly competitive casino industry.

Cynthia’s strategies are designed to drive organic traffic and generate more leads for your casino site.


Sarah "Stakes" Stanton - Expert in Sports Betting SEO

Sarah Stanton is a sports betting SEO consultant who knows how to navigate the dynamic world of sports betting SEO. She has the skills to optimize your site for seasonal fluctuations, event-based searches, and the rapidly changing odds in the sports betting industry.

Sarah uses data-driven strategies to maximize your site’s visibility and click-through rates.

Peter "Pocket" Patterson - Poker SEO Expert

Peter Patterson is a poker SEO specialist, who combines his passion for poker with his expertise in SEO. He understands the intricacies of poker-related search terms and can craft SEO strategies that attract serious poker players to your site.

Peter uses various techniques, including content optimization, link building, and technical SEO, to improve your poker site’s ranking.


Ronald "Racetrack" Riley - Experienced Sportsbook SEO Specialist

Ronald Riley is a sportsbook SEO consultant with extensive experience in driving organic growth for sportsbook websites. He is adept at identifying profitable long-tail keywords, creating compelling meta-descriptions, and ensuring a seamless user experience to reduce bounce rates.

Ronald’s expertise can make your sportsbook site a top contender in search engine rankings.

Additionally, we can

We possess the expertise to educate and train key stakeholders on the significance of SEO in the iGaming industry.

Our focus is not on temporary solutions but on crafting a customized SEO strategy that delivers results and evolves with your business.

Eliminate persistent manual and algorithmic Google penalties
Develop a content strategy in line with your brand and players
Successfully introduce Single Page Applications / Progressive Web Apps (SPAs / PWAs)
Address crawling and ranking issues on JS framework-based platforms


Do you collaborate with iGaming affiliates?
Yes, we do, provided that budgets and objectives are in alignment.
What are your fees?
Our charges vary based on the goals established, duration of engagement, and competitive landscape of the specific vertical.
Are you willing to sign an NDA to discuss my project?
Yes, we are glad to sign NDAs for discussing new projects. We always uphold our clients' privacy.
Do you provide services worldwide?
Yes. Our existing clientele is situated across the globe. We possess expertise and experience in competing within foreign language verticals.

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